No event is too big or too small. We have organized corporate events all over the world for the last few years. We focus on the details to make your experience unique.


We are specialist in winter activities and motorsport related experiences and have developed event packages for our clients for everything from F1 in AbuDabi, to rallycross in Las Vegas, to the icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. 


There are no limits to the experience we can create for you and your clients. 


Tell us your idea and we will make it reality. We have worked with groups from 8 to 500 people. 



No event is to big or to small for us. We have been organize corporate events all over the world for the last few year and we are always putting our focus on the details to make your experience uniq.


We are specialist on winter activities and motorsport related experiences. We have been taking our clients to everything from F1 in AbuDabi, rallycross in Las Vegas and icehotel in Jukkasjärvi.


We have no limits, connect us today with your idea and we make the reality. We are use to work with groups from 8 – 500 people.

We can create an unforgettable weekend where your clients get the chance to see how teams work behind the scene, meet the drivers and see the rally or race from the best available

spectator points, thanks to our unique 

worldwide motorsports contacts.


We combine your motorsport experience with conferences and other local activities. 

You will have a single contact person for your entire trip. 

We will take care of everything so you can concentrate on a great experience. 


We organize travel experiences to including F1, Nascar, Indy500, MotoGP, WRC, FIA Rallycross, GlobalRallycross just to name a few.



We are the worlds number one test organization

for winter rally testing. 

17 of the last 20 Rally Sweden winners have prepared for their rally with us.


We have three locations for winter rally stages available. In December through the start of

Rally Sweden in February. We take care of all coordination for your team here in Sweden. 


Our locations in Borgafjäll, Kall and Lima, total more than 10 stages. The length of the stages are in between 2 – 6 km each.


Contact us today for more information.  



If you have ever dreamt of to cruising around in a Ferrari, Lamborghini or any other sports car, on the beautiful roads of the Garda Lake region in the 

northern Italy, we have just the package for you. 


Your custom experience begins with a visit to the Lamborghini factory before even checking into

one of the beautiful hotels on the east side of Garda Lake. The next morning, you and your clients will drive some of the most extreme cars

on our beautiful, 180km route. 

Once back at the hotel, your boat waits for you in the harbor for a beautiful evening, where you will enjoy Italian cuisine at its best.


This package can be added to your business conferences and vineyard experiences. 


These experiences are reserved for groups of 10 to 30 people. Bigger groups are welcome, however the driving portion of the trip will be divided into two groups.




Driving on ice is what FlatOut Sweden is all about. Whether you want to improve your driving abilities or just want to have fun, FlatOut is the place.

We have  many packages available and can cater to One on One training, or large groups.


Contact us today with your ideas and let us make them a reality. 



We have more then 8 available locations in the Åre region and Östersund in northern Sweden where we rent out ice tracks.


We have everything from 1 km tracks to open areas where we can create whatever your can i



For example, if you want to test your skill on the F1 track of Monaco, we can create a copy of that track, on ice. 


We do everything from simply renting you a

track on a per day basis, to coordinating an

entire event on site.



Åre is the biggest ski resort in northern Europe and its a wonderful place to visit in both in the winter and summer.


Let us help you plan and coordinate your luxury stay in Åre.  Contact us today. 



Rally Taxi has existed as long as FlatOut Sweden. This customized car has 4 rally seats, role cage, 

and 300 ice studs per tire. You can ride in the Rally Taxi, driven by our experienced driver!


This unique experience allows up to 3 

co-drivers at the same time for an unforgettable experience at speeds up to 140km/hour on

narrow winter rally stages. You don't want to miss this adrenaline filled experience . 

Rally Taxi is the perfect afternoon or evening activity if you are around Åre.


We take groups of 9 to 45 people at the same time. Bigger groups are also welcomed however, we recommend combining this experience with other activities in the area to minimize wait times. 



One on One driver training with our owner Patrik Sandell is the most exclusive experience we 

can offer. Patrik has more than 10 years experience as a professional driver in rally

and rallycross around the world.


We believe ice driving is the best way to learn car control. The forgiving nature of the open winter track lets you drive over your comfort zone in order to take your driving to the next level.

Unlike racetracks or rally stages, the worst thing that can happen on an ice track is you get stuck in the snow and we pull you back out.


If you want to improve your driving skills or just

an unforgettable experience, FlatOut is for you. Contact us today to start creating your own unique experience.